7 reasons why online marketing might beat traditional marketing

Posted on April 1, 2011 by admin

Do you know that the e-commerce industry is all set to touch the magic figure of about 12 billions dollars by year 2010? Also with the Neilson survey revealing the presence of internet in more then 90 percent of the US households Online Marketing has become the new way to win potential clients and earn money. Global exposure, fast response and accountability to the advertisers are just some of the factors which have made online marketing take a huge lead over the traditional marketing methodologies.

Basic business models used for online marketing are search engine optimized websites, placement of banner ads on certain sites , direct marketing using emails, lead generation through websites and marketing using affiliate programs. Main reasons responsible for growing popularity of online marketing are:-

1. Making You Go Global

Imagine sitting in the comforts of your home in New Jersey and selling your product to a guy sitting in Birmingham UK. Or did you ever thought of buying an original Persian carpet without actually making a trip to the Middle East? All this and much more are now possible with the new technological advancements and growing popularity of online marketing. Now you are only a mouse click away from the global products or from promoting your services and goods to the global audience. All you need is an ecommerce website flaunting your catalogue and you can wait for the orders pouring in.

To promote your business overseas you no longer need a physical connectivity with your client and with the VOIP and faster internet telephony now you can also save value dollars otherwise spent in making long distance calls. Most of the online marketing websites uses geo location software which helps in displaying the relevant content to the site visitor based on his location thus grabbing their attention instantly.

2. 24/7 Advertisement

Another benefit enjoyed by the advertisers using online marketing is the 24 hour availability of their advertisement over the World Wide Web. This enables the publicity of their product through out the day and also during the night.

For example the marketing data of a popular electronic goods selling website reveal that most purchases are made by the visitors on Sundays between 9 pm and 3 am when the store is closed. This is a positive proof of the power of online marketing. Therefore online marketing helps in your products and service promotion even when you are resting or on vacation. Also for the customers, they no longer have to rely on the store opening timings to make their purchase. Nothing can get better then this!

3. Detailed Product Catalogs

The first thing you want to check before buying a digital camera is to know the details about its picture quality , name of the lens manufacturer , information about the optical zoom , different modes and also what are the different vendors which are into this arena. All this and much more detailed information and also the ability to compare the features of two similar products are now being offered online. Unlike a printed catalog more details can be packed into an online catalog by the advertiser which helps the customer becoming aware of the different products which are out there in the market making customers’ selection process easier.

4. Pocket Friendly

When compared to the traditional marketing, means like television advertisements of publishing ads in the local or national newspapers, online marketing scores again by being most inexpensive. To get started all you need to do is own a website and with website creation softwares, developing a website is a child’s play. You can even make a one time investment and take the help of professionals in coming up with a SEO website which will give it a more professional look bringing in more user hits. With the availability of the cheap hosting space online marketing is finding many customers.

5. Accountable and Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

Online marketing has another advantage in offering in terms of ease of measuring statistics with the helps of numerous web analytics tool available like google analytics. By deploying various means like pay per click or pay per action or even pay per impression, you as an advertiser can determine what catches the audience’s fancy. Tracking of website traffic can also be a testimonial of your surging popularity. Also more number of visitors will result in more business thus resulting in huge ROI.

6. Faster Communication and Larger Reach

Faster and effective communication plays an important role in promoting business in this competitive world. Online marketing helps in faster communication of news and advertisements to the customers. Also an advertisement displayed using traditional marketing means of television ads and newspaper ads would only be targeting a specific audience whereas by sending promotional emails or setting up your website you can catch the attentions of a wider audience. Using direct marketing technique of emails you can read the pulse of the customer and also keep them updated about the new arrivals in your stores or the latest release of your product.

7. Making Customer Feel Truly Like a King!

Online marketing is a truly enriching experience for the customer as he is quickly directed to his items of interest based on the keywords he had entered in the search engine. Also a lot of warranties and money back guarantees are being offered to the online customer in case he is not satisfied by the product or service. Customers also don’t feel pushed around by the vendors and retailers promoting their goods as a customer can take his own sweet time making a selection. You can make a purchase irrespective of the place and time if you have a credit card. Always ensure an authentic payment gateway is being used while making online purchases. Also because of extensive competition over internet customers can get the product of their choice at very competitive prices making them the ultimate winner!

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