w3-o design lab

What started as a lean and mean team in 2004, has become an 18-individual-strong group today. With this growth came an evolution toward a much stronger Creative, Design, Strategic and Client Service capabilities.Indeed, w3-o has become a, multi-faceted group of craftsmen whose practice and skills have been tempered by experience and in-depth learning gained from both regional and international battlegrounds in the Asia Pacific, Germany, South Africa, and the Middle East. 

graphic design

Design has always been our strength and continues to be our differentiating factor- which is no less craftsmanship. After all, each creation is a result of our keen attention to details, a deep-seated strength of design sense and mastery of tools and technology. We are proud to say that we can stand tall and even go above par what the biggest agencies can deliver as has been proven time and again.
  • information graphic
  • illustration
  • technology illustration
  • digital imaging
  • p.o.p. design
  • collapsable 3d object
  • display graphics
  • typography


Trust to provide extensive management and hands-on custodianship of your brand from research, conceptualisation right through to production. Whether you want to revitalise your company or re-invent or brand, we can tailor-fit strategies and create the necessary communication materials to bring your vision forward.
  • brand research & strategy development
  • logo development and design
  • Icon development and design
  • c.i. guide development
  • logo design
  • corporate communication material
  • corporate design
  • annual report
  • uniform


While w3-o initially specialised in creating cutting edge Graphic Design, we have evolved into all aspects of Advertising, all the way to executing through-the-line campaigns. We are grounded on the belief than more than winning awards, Advertising should be about getting results that effectively meet your bottom line.
  • copywriting
  • art direction
  • tv commercial
  • radio commercial
  • print ad
  • community services campaign
  • product launch
  • audio-visual presentation
  • below-the-line collaterals
  • billboard

photography & art direction

We believe that photography goes beyond technical perfection. More than mere ‘beauty’, it is about the getting the right message across. We can provide the ‘soul’ for your Photography needs with astute art direction and supervision. Furthermore, we can assist you best with our very own in-house photographic studio not just for cost effectiveness but also for better project variables control.
  • product photography
  • lifestyle photography
  • digital imaging
  • photography coordination
  • in-house photography
  • photo retouching

3-dimensional & environment design

Transcend the traditional 2D design and go 3D. Whether it’s a big trade exhibit, display booth, simple store p.o.p item, or perhaps packaging for your product, we can transform an otherwise plain imagery to a visual treat. Likewise, if your company is environment-conscious, w3-o can develop designs that are nature-friendly and cost-effective.
  • exhibition design
  • booth design
  • environmental graphic
  • point of purchase (p.o.p.)
  • product display
  • 3d packaging design

other customised creative services

Your communication may and need not end with a simple leaflet. With the wide spectrum of communication channels available today, possibilities are endless. That’s why any challenge is always welcome, and you can rest assured that we always do our best to help provide an answer to any marketing communication problem you need to solve. Let’s talk it over.
  • design research
  • prototyping
  • mystery shopper
  • material research