w3-o interactive lab

Standalone and devoted to interactive, digital and new technology, this department leverages and maximises the latest interactive technologies to achieve the utmost in usability and user engagement. Thoroughly immersed in the digital realm, our highly evolved interactive strength blurs the lines of the digital divide and integrates brand strategies to make it work just as effectively as it does in traditional media.

web technology

Most of our services are in-house which results not just in fast project turnaround but also in a stronger, tighter ship as a manner of speaking. Matched with the team’s formidable technological competence, our problem solving capabilities are closely integrated, as opposed to outsourcing. Thus, precious time is saved if not, better spent over maximising a project’s effectiveness.
  • accessible web design WCAG 2.0 Standard
  • Open Source Content Management System (CMS: WordPress, Joomla etc.)
  • HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Flash Development, etc.
  • Cross Platform Mobile Application (Tablets, Smartphones, Desktops)
  • Multi Browser compatibility
  • Multiple appearances across Android™, BlackBerry®, iOS & webOS

web design & development

From simple online presence strategies to project and/or product launches, w3-o delivers a wide range of digital services that opens possibilities which the traditional design on paper, a simple “before-after” affair, cannot accomplish. Digital expansion can give you a richer 360o experience, with mind-boggling, game-changing audio-visual and interactive experiences.
  • web design & development
  • microsite design & development
  • copywriting (web)
  • animation
  • organis search engine optimisation
  • illustration
  • technology illustration
  • digital imaging

content management system

We have come a long way from providing Graphic Design services. Today, we also provide CMS application to create, manage, store and deploy web content which can be custom-fit to also allow client control, depending on their needs. w3-o will work with you to create cost-effective ways of managing your information on the web easily, stress-free.


other web services

Web technology is something that has no defined boundaries. It is a limitless platform that’s continuously evolving and getting better. Hence, w3-o is committed to pursue this in order to provide the best and the most effective web solution to our clients.
  • e-book
  • digital magazine
  • digital annual report
  • migration
  • web & email hosting
  • digital user manual
  • EDM
  • web analytic
  • social media strategy & implementation
  • domain registration