beyond the studio // December 2, 2020

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W3-O Batam, Indonesia.

Graphic Designer (Full Time/Contract)

A challenging position for those who would like to pursue a design and digital media career. The candidate must be an independent, self-motivated and committed professional with a demonstrated aptitude for managing multiple projects, team members and meeting tight timelines. You need to love design and strive for creativity. Most importantly, we have no time for politics and ego battles.

Location : Batam


  • A strong fighting spirit
  • Desire/persistence in pursuing great works
  • Self motivated and independent but also able to work well as a team
  • A consistent ability to produce and communicate fresh ideas and visual concepts.
  • High levels of motivation and perseverance with a strong sense of belief in your ideas, plus the skills and confidence to express them.
  • Excellent organisational skills with the ability to prioritise work and multi-task
  • A team player.
  • The ability to take rejection and criticism well and to be able to adapt ideas to clients’ and colleagues’ needs.
  • The capacity to deal with stress and work well under pressure in order to meet tight deadlines.
  • Enthusiasm about design & advertising with a real desire to keep up to date with new developments in the media.
  • Acute observation and an eye for detail.
  • High levels of software skills in relevant art and design packages, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and any other 3D related system for POSM
  • An understanding of the production process.
  • Good Digital Imaging skills.
  • Extensive knowledge in printing/pre-press.
  • Proficiency in English both written and oral
  • Willing to travel for work (during safe travel period)
  • To be based in Batam, Kepri.

Responsibility :

  • To work closely with the creative team and suit to generate creative concept and visuals to fulfil the client’s brief.
  • To produce concept proposal (sketches/storyboards/mock ups/scamps/etc.) to communicate ideas to the client.
  • Able to gain an understanding of the target audience and business that the marketing collateral is aimed at
  • Able to instil and upkeep high design standards on the creative/design team in accordance to the creative director’s expectations.
  • Act as the final eye for quality control before the artwork gets presented to the creative director and account managers.
  • Meeting with the creative director, account managers before presenting ideas to clients.
  • Pitching ideas to clients.
  • Briefing and leading other members of the creative/design team
  • Visiting and assessing locations for potential shoots, event, etc.
  • Working on location (during safe time).

Qualification :

  • Minimum 1-3 years experience in graphic design and display/POSM industry
  • Bachelors degree in a design-related course or equivalent



Send your application to us at hireme@w3-o.com
Please include the following:

  • CV with recent picture
  • Reference contacts
  • Recent samples of work
  • Current and expected salary
  • Availability to commence work
beyond the studio // December 20, 2016

Happy Holidays in w3-o Wonderland!

Unlock Holiday Joy in w3-o Wonderland!


Year ends are always filled with so much Hope, Love and Joy. Right?

That fuzzy feeling with cosy get-togethers, the joy of unboxing, the bliss in every magical moment. This holidays, we’re going DIY and hands-on for funsies — unlocking a season of much, much more!

All you need to do is cut, paste and assemble. Then display it around the house for happy vibes!

We all hold the keys to even merrier tomorrows. From all of us here, we wish you and your family a world of endless happiness and beyond!

Download PDF


Step by Step

beyond the studio // February 21, 2014

Focal Length: It’s All About Depth

Length Test Shots

It’s not every day that you can get hold of Canon’s expensive high-end lenses, the L-Series, so when were asked to try them out, we were more than glad to grab the opportunity!

We had several of them, and we thought, why not demonstrate to you guys the effects of different focal lengths. Of course, for the pros, this might not appear so interesting but we do hope to give a better understanding for the newbies on how they work.

So the next time you embark on a project, the designers and other creative people out there for example, you can now even tell your photographer what kind of lens that you want to use for your concepts.

Check them out! Btw, all shots were taken with a full frame DSLR.


Focal Length Basics

You essentially have a choice between wide-angle and telephoto lens. Wide-angle lenses exaggerate perspective so that the foreground and background appear further apart. Telephoto lenses on the other hand can “flatten” the picture, meaning, elements will be brought closer together.

Simply put, the shorter the focal length, the greater the extent of the scene captured by the lens. On the other hand, the longer the focal length, the smaller the extent captured by the lens.

Therefore, if the same subject is photographed from the same distance, its size will decrease as the focal length gets shorter and increase as the focal length gets longer.


Ultra-Wide Angle Lenses

These lenses offer tremendous depth of field as shown in the photo below where we used 14mm. This super wide angle lens is pretty awesome, as it does not distort the image unlike most super wides that give a slight “fish-eye” effect and channel aberration. This is the kind of lens that you would want to use for architectural shots, particularly for small rooms.

Lens 14mm

Wide Angle Lenses

Now compare the super wide angle above to the “plain vanilla” wide angle lenses that we used in the succeeding photos. The first photo uses 24mm, which is usually great for landscape, architecture, interior photography, or any subject where you want a wide field of view.

Lens 24mm

Normal Lenses

This next photo uses a “normal” lens at 35mm. This is considered as one of the most versatile lens around because it is perfect for both 3/4 or full-length portraits and even landscape shots.

Lens 35mm

The next photo was taken with a 50mm lens. Most people say that this is the focal length that is closest to the human eyes. Hence, this is a pretty popular focal length. What makes it more popular is the fact that you can get some “crazy” lenses with f/1.2!

Lens 50mm

Medium Telephoto Lenses

Now it gets more fun! Fun for both subject shooter and subject that is. By using telephoto, your subject will be more comfortable as you have more distance and thus, become less imposing. This one was taken with a 70mm lens.

Lens 70mm

Long Telephoto Lenses

Now we got even closer (lens-wise) of course, using a longer telephoto with the photo below.

Lens 135mm

Super Telephoto Lenses

This time, we’ve really taken out the big guns!

Super telephoto lenses are very ideal for wildlife photography (we bet you wouldn’t dare come near that hungry lion, do you?) as well as most outdoor and sports photographers who wouldn’t want to get caught up in the action.

As you can see in the 200mm shot below, the distance between the object and the background are more “pressed in”. So in order to create a nice bokeh effect, you will need more distance or you will need a lens with bigger opening, like f/2.8

Lens 200mm

Now at 300mm, you can get that clear and sharp close-up shot that you want without distracting your subject so that facial expressions are more natural and not “posed”.

Lens 300mm

There you have it.

By understanding the different camera lenses at your disposal and their focal lengths, you will be able to have better creative control in your photography. You can have a better judgment between which lenses would suit your project as you weigh in factors like size, weight, lens speed and image quality.

Happy shooting!

beyond the studio // September 25, 2013

It’s not a T-Shirt – It’s an Idea!

In the multiple Oscar-winning film “Forrest Gump”, one memorable scene shows how the lead character (played by Tom Hanks) accidentally ‘creates’ “Smiley Face” when he wiped dirt off his mud-covered face with a t-shirt. While the movie’s origins story is fiction, the fact that a t-shirt is a compelling medium of expression and can even become a catalyst in the creation of pop culture icons such as the aforementioned “Smiley Face” – that is very real. Originally issued as an undergarment by the U.S. Navy around the time of the Spanish American War, the humble t-shirt’s popularity has grown leaps and bounds largely because of its simplicity and practicality.


At W3-O, t-shirt designs are by no means created by accident nor are they mere trendy, “pretty pictures”. Instead, these are borne out of well-thought, strategic processes and considerations. Through the years, we have had our fair share of t-shirt designs – done for different clients and purposes such as humanitarian projects, internal usage, campaigns, etc.


From Support Cast to Star

When W3-O designed the t-shirt for the Madhu Duniya event, a jamboree of forest honey harvester of Asia, the objective was to provide support to the event’s other collaterals. This wasn’t meant to be. The organisers loved the design so much because it clearly conveyed the event’s message, that they eventually chose it as the main logo. So when in most cases, the t-shirt design will follow the corporate/event logo, it became the other way around. Talk about the “tail wagging the dog”, so to speak.


Madhu Duniya T-Shirt

Madhu Duniya Conference 2011


Simple can be Spectacular

More often than not, W3-O faces budgetary constraints especially when humanitarian clients are concerned. The THF volunteer t-shirt is a prime example. The brief was single-mindedly simple: it shouldn’t cost so much to print, thus, it’s a single colour print. We thought a single colour is not an excuse to look sub-standard. After all, THF also wanted to merchandise them so, it must really look like something that they could wear many times and be proud about it – pretty much like when you’re wearing a cool surfing t-shirt. This is what the red-hot shirt projected with its unique ball of rope mash-up with the THF logo to signify how all of us are connected and that we need help each other by reaching out, lending a “rope” to hold on. Simple, but intensely meaningful.


THF T-Shirt

THF T-Shirt


Long Lasting Ideas

Once upon a time, we were challenged to design an internal t-shirt. Problem is we only need to print about 25 pieces. Usage would be fairly “rare”, maybe 2-3 times a year so while we were initially very sceptical about it, we decided to go for hot iron printing. The thing is, there are a lot of limitations with this method, so many cons. But one of the pros is that this method also allows us to have “unlimited colours” and high details. Our designer had to give his brain juice a little extra squeeze. And it paid off well. Three years later, the t-shirts still look awesome!


w3-o Charity Mission


Heart of the Matter

For our humanitarian mission to Mantalongon, Cebu, The Philippines, we wanted a t-shirt design that encompassed the mission’s theme, “Let’s Colour Up Their Life”. The mission was in support of the educational needs of some 305 kids from the Living Gospel Community, mostly from poor families whose parents are fishermen, construction workers, labourers and carpenters. The result was this colourful, stylised heart design which is an apt symbol of hope that cheered up these kids who were otherwise living “black and white” lives.


THF T-Shirt for Cebu mission


The Kids Says Alright

For the Media Development Authority of Singapore, media ratings may be a boring topic for a road show, with students to target at that. W3-O’s marching orders were to create a fun giveaway t-shirt as part of this national campaign, one that has to be very fun, particularly to the young folks that the government agency is targeting. The result is a chic yet edgy looking t-shirt design that just about anyone would love to wear – regardless of the media ratings that are literally printed on it to boot!


MDA T-Shirt


Take One for the Team

Again, for this project, W3-O had to “take one for the team”, as a manner of speaking. After all, budget is a major constraint. And the challenges are even more daunting. We needed to create a shirt where people could recognise Team9 members immediately in a disaster hit area. Of course, this is not our first time working with non-profit organisations, so when they mentioned about the budget, we thought, “brain-squeezing time” again.

To create this t-shirt design, we had to consider the situation where Team9ers will wear them. These places could be very messy and chaotic. While soldiers and police forces wear uniforms, Team9 volunteers could be mistaken as tourists, local workers or even some dodgy people who try to profit from disaster. The t-shirt is the first point of recognition for the team. Next, we need to “loudly” convey 2 things immediately: team name/logo and volunteer identity. It has to be loud since helpers could also easily be the victim in these situations. In case they get stranded or lost, people could spot them right away. Last but not least, as relief and “rebuilding” workers, we are supposed to bring hope to the disaster stricken area. So, we want Team9 to appear like the “hope” themselves. Hence, W3-O decided to avoid sombre colours and instead used the cheerful and bright red.

After it was tested on several humanitarian missions, Team9 appreciated our “hope and cheerful” concept as it really gave the vibe they wished to impart with the victims, particularly the IDPs (Internally Displaced People): A strong will to rebuild their lives with dignity.

Team9 T-Shirt


As all these projects show, each t-shirt design goes beyond the confines of artistic discipline but very much into factors such as branding, function, budget constraints, and technical considerations. In the end, each of them succeeds in telling a story, conveying a message, promoting an idea – or all of the above. Each has served a purpose like creating high visibility and impact, or provoked an emotion.

Perhaps in the long run, they too can become pop culture icons like “Smiley Face”, but more than that, we prefer they become symbols that touch hearts and improve humanity.


beyond the studio // April 4, 2013

Star of Hope: A Success!

Woohoo! We’ve done it!

w3-o and THF’s joint project was a success. The Star of Hope campaign to raise awareness on visual impairment received an overwhelming response from over 400 people.

As promised, w3-o donated an iPad Mini through THF to SLBN-A of Bandung- a school for visually impaired children. We’re very happy for the kids.

Well done guys!


For more photos, please visit THF’s facebook page and don’t forget to show your supports!


beyond the studio // December 11, 2012

Star of Hope: Christmas 2012


The Season of Joy is upon us once again and we at w3-o are working with The Humanity Forum (THF) to share it with the visually-impaired students of SLBN Bagian A (tunanetra) Bandung in Indonesia. The overwhelming success of “PROJECT STARGAZING”, our joint 2012 charity event with this school, has illuminated the fact that these students are just as hungry for knowledge as every normal kid – and that they are very enthusiastic to learn more.

That’s why, with your help, we would like them to reach for the stars further.


Simply post a photo that shows you holding the “Star of Hope” that we sent you to THF’s Facebook page. Once THF receives 200 photo submissions, w3-o will give the school an iPad mini – one of the best tools for the visually-impaired with its educational apps and functions that help them learn better.

Share the love. Let’s all lend our hands to THF in bringing these kids closer to their dreams.

If you didn’t receive the “Star of Hope” or if you wish to invite your friends to join this special cause, just click here or the icon below to download it.


Step 1. Print out this “Star of Hope”

Step 2. Cut along the dotted lines

Step 3. Take a photo of yourself posing with the “Star of Hope”

Step 4. Post a photo at THF’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thehumanityforum

Step 5. Share with your friends

beyond the studio // November 30, 2012

3D Concept: Life-Size Product Display

Recently, we did quite a bit of 3D concepts for an in-store product display. Although we never actually produced them, we believe you’d love these cool concepts.




The next concept is something that we like very much. We were thinking how we can have a booth that will feel like an AUDI or BMW-M3. Super-glossy paint work with fine and durable leather seat.