CHANGI Airport Group

“Block the view” was the simple, original brief of the mural pitch for T3, the ‘green’ terminal of Changi Airport, a consistent World’s Best Airport winner. Rows of transparent glass walls, though perhaps aesthetically pleasing to a point, were a security concern as it let people see the whole immigration process.

So a stylish, smart solution was to block the lower ground up to eye level, thus, we can “block the view” but keep it transparent. Using semi-translucent materials, we kept the illusion of “open space”, the main concept of T3, and added non-distributive “visual distractions” showing floral and natural elements, also a part of Changi’s vision, rendered via vector illustration technique. A related pitch we won included the development of the Changi Airport internal branding where W3-O devised a simple and friendly approach.