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Canon Asia


Pushing boundaries and exploring what’s possible with every budget has become part of our DNA. So, when the “extra request” brief for an additional launch video landed on our desks requesting for “something a little crazy”, we got cracking right away.

After multiple, arduous brainstorming sessions, we decided on an anime-style, short story approach to supplement the product launch. We story-boarded purposefully, drew every scene from scratch, worked our 3D animation team overtime, wrote an original rap song, scrutinized every minute detail in the animation a gazillion times, until we were satisfied with what we saw, and hey, now we can tell the world that we’ve done some anime! 🙂

EOS R6 Mk2_04_KV camera
EOS R6 Mk2_05_brochure
EOS R6 Mk2_06a_social media summary
EOS R6 Mk2_06d_the comic strip interview
EOS R6 Mk2_07a_Billboard
EOS R6 Mk2_07b_billboard photo
EOS R6 Mk2_08_lifestyle images
EOS R6 Mk2_09_christmas character