beyond the studio // December 13, 2010

Handcrafted Christmas Card 2010

W3-O Christmas cards have always tried to adopt a unique form or design prior to any Christmas cards that have been around.

We aim to have all our Christmas cards send off a truckload of “candy cane” joy and excitement to our recipients.

For our 2010 card, we wanted to use intricacy to spread the Christmas spirit around. Craftsmanship was the key aspect that we wanted to showcase. Apart from the craftwork, elements of Christmas must be present to bask in this tasteful joy. And what’s Christmas without our pouty-bellied and snowy white beard, Mr Santa “Hoho” Claus? We showed Mr Santa doing odd things, perhaps a side of Santa we have yet to witness, to bring a new scene of imagination and to put a smile on every recipient’s face.

Shelf longevity was something we decided to push as well, hoping that our clients and friends will display it on their desks/shelves till our next card comes rolling merrily along.