beyond the studio // June 10, 2011

Love is in the neighbourhood

Love is in the air; love is all around. We don’t have to search far and wide for it, because sometimes, it’s just right in front of us.

That being said, W3-O approached South East CDC and expressed our keen interest in bringing some old folks for an excursion, to spend quality time with them. We didn’t want to simply donate items or money to an old folks’ home, as our observations with prior CSR projects made us realise that it wasn’t the tangibles that these old folks are looking for – it’s companionship and someone to talk to.

Tangibles can be depleted and forgotten, but intangibles stay etched in our hearts. And that is what W3-O is about – moving away from the conventional, spreading our love and passion for not only design but humanity as well.

So, South East CDC introduced Sunlove Kampong Chai Chee to us, saying that they’re looking for organisations or companies to bring the old folks out for a day. It’s not exactly an Old Folks’ Home per say, but more of a gathering place for the elderly around the neighbourhood to come together and mingle. These elderly people live by themselves in a 1-room flat, and spend their time in the “day-care centre” and, in a way, “hangout” with their friends.

With that, our “brief” was to come up with an activity that is engaging and at the same time, interact more with our beneficiaries. There were many ideas and activities bouncing around but we decided on an excursion to Jurong Bird Park. The reason being that some of the old folks might not have been there, and there will be interaction with the old folks as well.

That’s not all. With us, it’s about going the extra mile to give these old folks an enjoyable time. Besides walking around the park, we came up with an activity sheet for the old folks to “hunt” down particular species of birds. After completing the activity, they each received tokens in return – NTUC vouchers that will be of great use to them. Also, we had a lucky draw contest where winners stand a chance to win attractive prizes! There’s nothing better than going out for an excursion and returning with goodies of remembrance, filled with lots of love.

And so, the journey of love begins…

Sunlove Kampong Chai Chee
Rise and shine comrades!

@ Kampong Chai Chee
The love for our neighbours woke us up on a Saturday morning to give our time to the old folks

@ Jurong Bird Park Car Park
Destination, reached

@ Jurong Bird Park Car Park
Say cheese!

Waiting for entry ticket
Waiting eagerly for our entry tickets

Flamingos in the pink of health

The “King of the Skies” show
The “King of the Skies” show – the mighty eagle’s grasp

Walking in Jurong Bird Park
On to our next destination

Happy Auntie & Uncle
Hand-in-hand, love will bring us happiness

Bird Feeding
Bird-feeding – up close and personal

Lunch with old folks
Alfresco dining in the wild

1st Prize
Congrats uncle! The Grand prize winner in our Lucky Draw contest 🙂

Group Shot
Thank you, W3-O!

We’d like to thank South East CDC, Sunlove Kampong Chai Chee and most importantly, the Uncles and Aunties of Sunlove for a wonderfully fulfilling Saturday.