beyond the studio // December 2, 2011

Sennheiser Electronic

The global marketing office of Sennheiser headphone category.

W3-O is in charge in developing all the marketing collaterals (BTL) Including the management and production of their product images.

Product Global Launch Ads

Product Brochures


beyond the studio // June 22, 2011


w3-o official launch


beyond the studio // June 2, 2011

The Joy of Passion

Remember the first time you…

…fell in love?
…were inspired, driven to turn your desire into reality?
…felt passionate about doing something continuously and not get sick of it?

We constantly find ourselves caught in a battle between passion and money. Surely, there’s got to be a balance where we can enjoy the best of both worlds, right?

W3-O believes in taking the time to attain this balance- to always be in the “prime of life”. Driven by passion and yes, a sense of fun, we’ve created a little Stop Motion Animation signoff that we could share with you good people!


Why stop motion specifically you ask? For starters, we were truly inspired by Wallace and Gromit and decided hey, why not put our passion to use and share with you good people!

W3-O Stop Motion

One by one…

W3-O Stop Motion

bit by bit…. More challenging than meditation…

So, what’s your passion?

beyond the studio // May 25, 2011

Media Development Authority, Singapore

As a member of the design board panel for the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), W3-O is occasionally tasked with designing collaterals for the agency. The first project undertaken was the creation of MDA’s 2010 Table Stand Calendar, Christmas E-Card, and Chinese New Year E-Card.

MDA is generally seen as the “fun” government agency as it works towards advancing the media industry and the like. And, although the theme for 2010 – Journey Towards New Asia Media – was previously used, W3-O gave it a fresh look by creating a travel scrapbook-themed calendar which was included in MDA’s Annual Report and well-received by clients. Additionally, the Interactive Team designed Christmas and Chinese New Year E-cards that utilised the novel concept of a pop-up storybook that carried greetings for the respective festivals.

MDA Christmas Card 2010
MDA Christmas Card 2010

MDA Chinese New Year e-Card 2011
MDA Chinese New Year e-Card 2011

MDA Calendar 2011
MDA Calendar 2011

beyond the studio // April 19, 2011

Sony Video-Microsites

A set of microsites designed and developed by W3-O for showcasing the videos of Cyber-shot & Handycam accessories.

Handycam Microsite

Cyber-shot Microsite

beyond the studio // April 13, 2011

HEART ROCK – Japan Relief 2011

W3-O is one of the official partners of HEART ROCK: Japan Relief 2011.

Spearheaded by local band, MONOCHROME, with their charity initiative – “Heart Rock”, the event will showcase performances by other prominent musicians and bands such as Caracal, The Dirt Radicals, Maia Lee, We The Thousands, Amterible, Fatskunks, MONOCHROME themselves, as well as the winner of Hard Rock Café’s “Battle Of The Bands 2011”, B.A.R.B.

“Heart Rock : Japan Relief” is themed with the tagline “Let I Be We” to showcase how various Singaporeans from different walks of life can unite together to help make a difference in our society today. “Heart Rock” is an initiative that hopes to inspire others to take that small step in caring for the needy and less fortunate, making compassion and charity a way of life.

At the same time, The Humanity Forum donated 2,000 pin buttons for the fundraising drive. We hope that this contribution could help the fundraising drive to reach its targeted amount of S$ 50,000.00, which will be donated to MERCY RELIEF SINGAPORE for their humanitarian missions to Japan.

May The Force be with HEART ROCK and Japan!

beyond the studio // August 6, 2010

Bosch – CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System

BOSCH is a leading global supplier of automotive and industrial technology, and of consumer goods and building technology.

W3-O was engaged in 2005 by Bosch, a leading global supplier of building technology, consumer goods, and automotive and industrial technology, to design a desktop calendar for worldwide distribution.

The agency took this opportunity to make Bosch more accessible to the layperson by forgoing a tech-heavy approach, thereby making it easier for the common person to read and relate to the brand. Since then, the agency has gone on to design two more desktop calendars and several other collaterals such as a regional brochure and table standee.

Bosch calendar
Calendar 2006-2008

Bosch full flash microsite

Bosch full flash microsite
Full flash microsite for the CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System

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