beyond the studio // April 4, 2013

Star of Hope: A Success!

Woohoo! We’ve done it!

w3-o and THF’s joint project was a success. The Star of Hope campaign to raise awareness on visual impairment received an overwhelming response from over 400 people.

As promised, w3-o donated an iPad Mini through THF to SLBN-A of Bandung- a school for visually impaired children. We’re very happy for the kids.

Well done guys!


For more photos, please visit THF’s facebook page and don’t forget to show your supports!


beyond the studio // December 16, 2011

A blessed, blissful, Happy Holidays!

By now, we’re guessing you’ve got our Christmas card already (which most probably brought you to this page too!) and ok we know, the card is sorta tricky to assemble. So, we did a little video below so you can have fun learning how to assemble it.

Also, it would be awesome if you can visit our other pages and discover how we’re spreading HOPE, LOVE and JOY. Thus, you’ll see how you can help bring hope to disadvantaged kids, feel the love in the eyes of a group of elderly people, and yes, know the joy of being passionate with what you do.

Again, from all of us at W3-O, have a wonderful Holiday Season!

beyond the studio // August 11, 2011

Movie with a Cause

Touch Movie Nite

W3-O has always envisioned making a difference in society, by leveraging on our creative expertise. Having these skills and talents bestowed upon us, be it marketing collaterals or activities, we believe in approaching the job at hand in a creative yet strategic manner. With that, we’ll be able to help NPO and NGO communicate their social programmes more effectively.

Having handled several NPO and NGO accounts over the years, – World Vision Singapore, The Humanity Forum, Indonesia Forest Honey Network (JMHI), etc. – it has given us an extensive exposure on the know-how of the social scene in Singapore as well as the Asia region.

Impressed with our portfolio and strategic planning approaches, TOUCH Community Services (TCS), one of the leading and top performing non-profit organisations in Singapore, appointed W3-O as their creative “consultant” for their marketing communication activities.

After a few meet-up and discussion sessions with TCS, we got to know each other better and decided to take a step further by being more involved in supporting their social causes.

Presenting to you… Touch Movie Nite!

… and W3-O is proud to be one of the sponsors!

This event is to help raise funds for children from low-income or single parent families, at-risk youths, people with special and healthcare needs and the elderly.

Let us make a difference today, dear friends and support this charity movie night! Kindly visit their official website for more information or to make a donation, www.touch.org.sg/movie

Thank you and we’ll see you there.

Touch Movie Nite Poster
Touch Movie Nite Poster